Think PRIVACY is a privacy focused organisation and as such we only collect information which is strictly necessary for us to provide a requested service; whether that service be to allow you to view our web site, enquire about our services or enrol for one of our courses.


The Think Yell Pages directory has no third party embedded content and zero cookies which means we do no need to display a notice relating to the use of these technologies and you do not need to make any changes in your browser to prevent us accessing or storing information on your device which is not technically necessary for the viewing of the web site.
Contact and Registration Forms.

The contact form is for general enquiries and collects first hand;

- Your name
- Your email address
- Your phone number
- The company you work for
- Content of your company profile

Your email and additional emails related to your enquiry are stored on our email server which is located in a data center in Singapore server, such services offered by


We host our own email on our own hardware and use full disk encryption to ensure that it is secure. Our devices accesing your email are using full disk encryption with appropriate safeguards to access those devices. All of your emails are encrypted during transit between our email server and our devices. This personal data will be stored until we have responded to your enquiry, but never for more than two weeks from the time of your enquiry.


The enrollment form is for processing enrollment on to one (or more) of our courses and collects first hand;


- The city you wish to take the course in
- The date of the course you would like to attend
- Your name
- Your email
- Your phone number (optional)
- Various information about your organisation for billing and tax purposes

Like the contact form, the enrolment form is sent to us by email as well as being stored in a database. Some of this information is retained for up to 7 years as a requirement of tax law - this is made clear on the form itself.

We also must share some of this information for the purpose of fulfilling our contractual obligations with the International Association of Privacy Professionals so they are able to process your IAPP membership and examination voucher - again this is explained on the enrolment form itself.

Once you have completed the course, your personal information is deleted from our systems within 4 weeks, unless we are required to keep it by law (such as billing information).


Contact us

If at any point you are unsure whether or not we are processing your personal data please contact us on

We believe this web site is fully compliant with the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive - however, if you disagree please feel free to contact us on